Isolations and Combinations

This video and the DVD promoted her by Sandra is aimed at advanced beginners or intermediates who want to start putting the basic steps and isolations they have learned together:

Take a look at the DVD and her other products on Amazon:

Basic Belly Dance Posture, Arms and Hip Circles from BodyWisdom

BodyWisdom has posted a full length video on YouTube with basic posture, arms and hip circle tutorials for Belly Dancers. This is a great video if you’re just starting out in Belly Dancing.


If you appreciate this video you should also check out the BodyWisdomTV channel on YouTube for more great tutorials, especially the Yoga ones, as Yoga is a great accompaniment to Belly Dancing.

Or get your own copy of the DVD on Amazon:

Hip Camel Drills

Coco from Berlin is quite a character and has a number of videos available for learning the basics of belly dancing. In this video she shows you how to do what she calls Hip Camel drills. I’ve never heard it called this before – essentially she is showing how to undulate the hips in the manner used in a Camel Walk.

These drills will strengthen your core and make you more flexible.

Basic Snake Arms for Belly Dance

This video from Live Strong features Nadia Moussa demonstrating how to do Snake Arms in BellyDance.

Basic Hip Movement Variations

This lesson comes from a series from Belly Dance Boulevard. They have created a whole series of basics for beginners which can be viewed here on their website (I highly recommend you go and work through all of them).

This video shows a variety of basic hip movements.

Belly Dance Layers

This video is just a selection of moves from a new video from Leyla Jouvana, showing how to create Belly Dance Layers, but I think it give a good taster of what you can achieve.

You can purchase the full video on Amazon of Layers with Leyla

Circle Step Turn

Amira Nagi is a dancer with Samadhi Tribal Fusion Belly Dance. Here she shows you how to perform a Circle Step Turn:

It’s a fairly basic move but the turning can really throw beginners.

Scarf Belly Dance Choreography

I was listening to a Bond Cd the other day and thought that Senorita would be great to dance to…then I found this video. Someone beat me to it!

I have added this to the Intermediate category because, although it has been created for a beginner class, it does require a certain amount of knowledge of belly dance moves, plus you will need to break the moves down for yourself from the video.

Just love this music! And HUGE props to Ebony from Australia who is the choreographer of this piece. See more at the Ebony and Ivory channel on Youtube

Another Great Belly Dance Warm-up

Here’s another great belly dance warm-up video as well as another video from Everybody Bellydance:

This is a nice and gentle way to warm-up your muscles before dancing.

Don’t forget to check out Everybody Bellydance’s blog:

Side to Side Torso: Basic Upper Body Isolations

I’ve just found some great videos from Everybody Bellydance. They are recorded in Spanish but with English subtitles. This video shows some basic upper body isolations – the side-to-side torso movement:

Be sure to check out their website for more videos: